Clean Greens Protein Powder

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A potent and high quality plant based protein

Organic Veda’s Clean Greens Protein is a powerhouse of nutrition that goes beyond traditional protein supplements. This innovative blend combines the benefits of 20+ superfood fruits and veggies with plant-based digestive enzymes, creating a holistic solution for your overall well-being.

Packed with nutrient-dense ingredients, Clean Greens Protein ensures you receive not only a high-quality plant-based protein source but also a rich array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from superfood fruits and veggies. This unique formulation aims to support your energy levels, promote muscle recovery, and enhance overall vitality.

The inclusion of plant-based digestive enzymes ensures optimal nutrient absorption, making Clean Greens Protein easy on your digestive system. Whether you’re an athlete looking to fuel your workouts or simply seeking a convenient way to incorporate more nutrition into your diet, Clean Greens Protein offers a delicious and effective solution.

Experience the benefits of a comprehensive blend that nourishes your body with the goodness of nature. Elevate your nutrition with Organic Veda’s Clean Greens Protein and embrace a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

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Product Overview

Organic Veda’s Clean Greens Protein is a nutritional powerhouse designed to redefine your protein supplementation experience. Going beyond conventional protein powders, this innovative blend features a robust combination of 20+ superfood fruits and veggies, delivering a spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This comprehensive formulation is crafted to support not just your protein intake but also overall well-being.

At the core of Clean Greens Protein is a plant-based protein source, providing a complete amino acid profile crucial for muscle repair, recovery, and maintenance. This makes it an ideal choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a convenient way to boost their protein intake. The fusion of pea protein, brown rice protein, and hemp protein ensures a well-rounded and easily digestible protein blend.

What sets Clean Greens Protein apart is the inclusion of plant-based digestive enzymes. These enzymes, derived from natural sources, facilitate optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, making the protein more bioavailable. This ensures that your body can efficiently utilize the nutrients present in the blend, supporting overall digestive health.

The superfood fruits and veggies incorporated into the formula bring an additional layer of nutrition, including antioxidants that combat oxidative stress and promote cellular health. From kale and spinach to acai and goji berries, Clean Greens Protein offers a diverse array of plant-powered goodness.

Beyond its nutritional benefits, Clean Greens Protein stands out for its delicious taste and versatility. Easily mixable with water, plant-based milk, or blended into smoothies, it provides a convenient and enjoyable way to elevate your nutrition. Whether you’re on a fitness journey, pursuing an active lifestyle, or simply looking to enhance your daily nourishment, Clean Greens Protein is a delicious and effective solution.

Embrace the holistic approach to wellness with Organic Veda’s Clean Greens Protein – where plant-based protein, superfoods, and digestive support come together to nurture your body from the inside out. Elevate your nutritional intake and experience a new level of vitality with this thoughtfully crafted blend.

Key Benefits

Complete Plant-Based Protein: Clean Greens Protein is a rich source of plant-based protein, combining pea protein, brown rice protein, and hemp protein to provide a complete amino acid profile essential for muscle health and recovery.

Nutrient-Dense Superfoods: With over 20 superfood fruits and veggies, including kale, spinach, acai, and goji berries, this blend offers a diverse range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support overall well-being.

Enhanced Digestive Health: The inclusion of plant-based digestive enzymes ensures optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, promoting a healthy digestive system and reducing the risk of bloating or discomfort.

Muscle Recovery Support: The protein blend in Clean Greens Protein aids in muscle repair and recovery, making it an ideal choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or those engaged in regular physical activity.

Bioavailability of Nutrients: Plant-based digestive enzymes enhance the bioavailability of nutrients, ensuring that the body efficiently absorbs and utilizes the essential elements present in the blend.

Convenient and Versatile: Clean Greens Protein is easily mixable with water, plant- based milk, or smoothies, providing a convenient and versatile option for incorporating nutrition into your daily routine.

Plant-Powered Antioxidants: Antioxidants from superfoods help combat oxidative stress, promoting cellular health and contributing to a robust immune system. 

Balanced and Sustainable Energy: The plant-based protein and nutrient-rich ingredients in the blend provide sustained energy without the crashes associated with some conventional protein sources.

Great Taste: Enjoy the delicious taste of Clean Greens Protein, making it an enjoyable addition to your daily routine, whether consumed on its own or blended into your favorite beverages and recipes.

Holistic Wellness Support: Clean Greens Protein offers a holistic approach to wellness by addressing not only protein needs but also providing essential nutrients, digestive support, and antioxidant benefits for overall vitality and health.

Star Ingredients

Greens Protein & Energy Blend: Pea Protein, Chia Seed Protein, Pumpkin Seed Protein, Moringa Leaf, Matcha Green Tea Leaf, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Amaranth,

Superfoods Nitric Oxide Blend: Beet Root, Celery, Broccoli, Kale, Carrot, Red Spinach Leaf Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract

Antioxidants Blend: Grape Seed Extract, Turmeric Root, Amla Fruit, Acerola Cherry Extract, Green Tea Extract

Plant Enzyme Blend: Papaya Fruit, Papain (from papaya), Bromelain (from pineapple), Amylase, Protease

Product Usage and FAQs

Directions to use: Mix 1 Scoop with Water or Fruit Juice or Smoothie. Stir until smooth or Use a shake a cup. Add sweetener if desired.

How does Clean Greens Protein differ from traditional protein supplements?
Clean Greens Protein stands out by combining a complete plant-based protein blend with over 20 superfood fruits and veggies, providing a comprehensive nutritional profile. Additionally, the inclusion of plant-based digestive enzymes sets it apart, promoting optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

Is Clean Greens Protein suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?
Yes, Clean Greens Protein is crafted with plant-based ingredients, making it suitable for vegetarians and those with common dietary restrictions. It is free from dairy, soy, and gluten, offering a versatile and inclusive protein option.

How do plant-based digestive enzymes benefit digestion?
Plant-based digestive enzymes in Clean Greens Protein support the breakdown of nutrients, making them more easily digestible and absorbable. This promotes optimal digestive health, reduces bloating, and enhances nutrient utilization.

Can Clean Greens Protein be used as a meal replacement or snack?
While Clean Greens Protein is a convenient source of nutrition, it’s recommended to incorporate it into a balanced diet. It can be used as a post-workout recovery shake, a protein-packed addition to smoothies, or as a wholesome snack between meals. 

How long does it take to experience the benefits of Clean Greens Protein with 20+ superfoods?
Individual responses may vary, but many users report increased energy and a sense of well-being within a few weeks of consistent use. For optimal results, it’s advisable to incorporate Clean Greens Protein into your daily routine as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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