Carrot Juice Powder

8 oz


Revitalize Body and Mind with Pure Carrot Juice

Organic Veda’s 100% natural and Carrot Juice Powder has captured all the essential nutrients present in this wonder food and put them into super-enriched, nourishing, delicious low temperature dried powder form.

This easy-to-digest powder is a perfect natural supplement to pamper your taste buds and boost your overall health. They are made from the superior quality carrots, harvested at their peak nutritional value. We dehydrate pure organic carrot at a low temperature to ensure the highest potency and nutrients concentration.

Carrots are naturally high in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. These two potent nutrients have shown to help improve cardiovascular health, support younger-looking skin and promote healthy vision and eyesight naturally.

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Product Overview
Key Benefits
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Product Overview

Health Promoting Nutrients of Carrot
Beta carotene gets readily converted into rhodopsin in the retina, which is essential for maintaining proper night vision. Some of the other powerful nutrients present in Carrots are Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Vitamin C, Manganese, Vitamin K, Potassium, Folate, and Dietary Fiber. Vitamin A and Keratin in carrots are natural health-promoting nutrients and help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Enhance Your Vision & Eyesight Naturally
Our Carrot Juice Powder can do wonders for your eyesight. Carrots are naturally abundant in Lycopene and Lutein along with Vitamin A – The world’s most potent eyesight-boosting nutrients. Additionally, carrots are an excellent source of Beta- carotene that is effective for improving vision and eye health.

Boost Your Digestive Health
Carrot roots are packed with high-quality dietary fiber. Regular consumption can dramatically improve your digestive health and optimize your system for maximum absorption of nutrients. Dietary fiber makes the movement of stools smoother by adding bulk to it. The fiber in our carrot juice powder is also high for enhancing peristaltic motion and for improving the secretion of gastric juices. It can help relieve you from common digestion-related conditions such as constipation and provide efficient protection to your colon and stomach.

Strengthen Your Immune System -Your Body’s Natural Defense
Carrots are a nutritional powerhouse and loaded with powerful natural antioxidants, Vitamins A, B6, C, and K. These highly bioavailable nutrients can help strengthen your immune system and promote a more efficient nervous system, better cognitive health, and stronger bones.

Keep Your Skin Soft, Supple and Youthful
Achieve flawless, younger-looking, radiant and supple skin naturally with Our Premium Quality Carrot Juice powder. Potent flavonoids and antioxidants present in our carrot juice Powder help fight free radicals and protect your skin from oxidative stress, thereby preventing premature aging. The Beta Carotene brightens up the complexion and helps boost collagen production to make your skin more elastic, firmer, and healthier.

Boost Your Cardiovascular Health & Future Proof Your Body
Carrots Juice Powder is your all-natural vasodilator as it contains abundant amounts of Potassium. This Vasodilatation effect of Potassium can help increase blood flow, boost circulation, and improve the function of every organ of your body. A better blood flow naturally results in improved efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

Infuse a New Life & Vitality into Dull, Lifeless Hair
Thick, shiny, and gorgeous hair is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits of our Carrot Juice Powder for many people. Carrots contain every vital nutrient your hair ever needs to become thicker, healthier, and more resilient. 

Lose Weight Fast With the World’s Most Powerful, All-Natural Appetite Suppressant
If you’re a fitness enthusiast and looking to lose those extra pounds in the healthiest way possible, our Pure Carrot Juice Powder is a perfect natural supplement for you. Add this nutrient-dense superfood powder to your daily routine, and shed extra weight without starving yourself. The reason why our carrot powder works so well for reducing weight is the high amount of dietary fiber present in it. Apart from improving digestion, Fiber-rich foods take longer to digest and keep hunger pangs at bay. Therefore, you’ll feel fuller for longer, and avoid snacking on junk foods.

Key Benefits

Rich in Antioxidants: Organic Carrot Juice Powder is loaded with antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, supporting overall cellular health and combating oxidative stress.

Vitamin-Rich Nutrition: A potent source of vitamins, particularly vitamin A, C, and K, contributing to immune function and skin health

Eye Health Support: Carrot powder is known for its beta-carotene content, promoting eye health and helps in regulating the risk of age-related eye conditions.

Digestive Wellness: The fiber in carrot juice powder supports digestive regularity, aiding in proper bowel movements and fostering a healthy gut.

Heart Health: Carrot juice powder may contribute to cardiovascular health by helping manage blood circulation levels and supporting overall heart function.

Natural Detoxification: Acts as a natural detoxifier, promoting liver health and assisting the body in eliminating toxins for a cleaner internal environment.

Skin Radiance: The combination of vitamins and antioxidants in carrot juice powder supports skin health, promoting a radiant and youthful complexion.

Immune System Boost: The nutrient-rich profile strengthens the immune system, enhancing the body’s ability to ward off common health conditions.

Balanced Blood Sugar: Carrot juice powder may aid in maintaining balanced blood sugar levels, making it a valuable supplement for those concerned with glucose management.

Convenient Nutrient Source: Organic Carrot Juice Powder provides a convenient and concentrated way to incorporate the nutritional benefits of carrots into your daily diet, promoting overall well-being.

Star Ingredients
Ingredients: Organic Carrot Juice Powder
Product Usage and FAQs

Directions to use: Mix one tablespoon with any juice, smoothie or simply with lemon and water. Just scoop, mix and sip fresh juice in less than a minute.

What is 100% Organic Carrot Juice Powder, and how is it made?
100% Organic Carrot Juice Powder is derived from fresh organic carrots. The powder is produced through careful juicing and drying processes to preserve the nutritional integrity of the carrots.
How can I incorporate 100% Organic Carrot Juice Powder into my diet?
The powder is versatile and can be added to water, juices, smoothies, or recipes. This flexibility allows for easy integration into your daily routine to enjoy the health benefits of carrot juice.
Is Carrot Juice Powder suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?
Generally, Carrot Juice Powder is suitable for most individuals. However, if you have specific health concerns, allergies, or dietary restrictions, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before adding any new dietary supplement.
What sets 100% Organic Carrot Juice Powder apart as organic?
The product is sourced from certified organic carrots, ensuring that the carrots are grown without synthetic pesticides or chemicals. Rigorous testing is conducted to meet stringent organic standards.
Can Carrot Juice Powder replace fresh carrots in a balanced diet?
While Carrot Juice Powder offers concentrated nutrients, it is not a complete replacement for fresh carrots. It is best used as a supplement to enhance overall nutrition and support a balanced and varied diet.



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